Hoex Logistics and Warehousing B.V.


Hoex BV is an importer/distributor of three leading brands in Stationery products for use at home and office. The office and warehouse are located in Leiderdorp from where the exclusive brands are distributed to various customers in Europe.

By pooling our knowledge and experience of the market with those of our manufacturers we created a unique and powerful partnership. Because the market is rapidly changing, our customers have an increasing need for partners who help them to respond to these changes. By offering specific solutions in the areas of sales, marketing and distribution Hoex is a valuable and reliable partner for many customers within Europe.

The carefully selected brands all occupy a unique position in the market. They position themselves in the market next to or just below the famous A-brands but make a difference thanks to their quality/price ratio. By also being complete and distinctive and bring special innovations, these brands ensure that they are highly sought after by our resellers.

Hoex BV has its own brand called Exiton and consists of a broad and deep range of Filing products in all standard sizes. The products are manufactured in Asia by carefully selected manufacturers with high quality standard. The range of Exiton is known as high quality for a very competitive price. In addition to all standard Filing products Exiton has also different and more special filing products in its range. In short: for almost every application Exiton has the right product.

A wide range of repositionable self-adhesive products including memo notes, index tabs and double-sided tape. All the various products are manufactured from paper or PP (plastic) and is always writable and repositionable. The brand Stick’n stands for a good price/quality ratio and partly because of that the brand is globally taking a growing market share. Additionally Stick’n is also known as the brand with the colorful and striking range and the many patents. Innovations of Stick’n often provide greater efficiency, better usability, decreasing costs and a better environment.

The range consists of various types of Printec media paper which can be used by digital printers. This includes shipping and address labels and photo paper, both in different shapes and sizes. Also transparent, colored, CD/DVD and removable labels are within this range. In addition, Printec also supplies Fun paper such as Transfer paper and Magnet paper. Printec stands for quality and can compete with the well-known A-brands worldwide, however the good price/quality ratio of Printec makes the big difference. Whether it concerns the right whiteness of the paper, the highest quality of glue, free software and visibility in Word, Printec has it all.